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    Chris Moyes

    I have worked in the Construction sector for as long as I can remember all of the time working for manufacturers, started in flooring, then selling windows and doors moved to Polypipe Terrain selling drainage later years at PP as Reginal Director and Public Sector Director, changed direction moved into Ventilation Cleaning and Legionella Control as Sales & Marketing Director.

    Fun Facts about Chris:
    While working in Malta also working for Air Malta, they held a flight up for me as I was late to cheered and booed when I got on board by 175 people.

    Sport: F1
    Film: Any of the Bond films
    Music: Anything from the 60’s / 70’s
    Likes: Playing Golf & Cycling
    Dislikes: Being Late
    Technology: I can get by
    Drink: Red or White Wine and I like a good single malt whiskey
    Food: Indian / Chinese
    Advice: Just be yourself and be a good communicator

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